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What’s Planned

Community conveniences

Exciting transformations are unfolding in the western region of Ipswich, driven by a visionary proposal designed to create a vibrant community hub that caters to the evolving needs of our growing population. Lennium Group has taken a bold step by submitting an application to enhance their existing plans with a focus on introducing a bustling Neighbourhood Centre that seamlessly integrated into the overarching Newfields Thagoona Master Plan.
Together, these initiatives signify a commitment to nurturing the growth and prosperity of our community, laying the foundation for a brighter future in western Ipswich.

The latest application has a core mission: to nurture the growth of our residential areas, and it dedicates a substantial 15.049-hectare space to potentially house a brand-new primary school and a vibrant community centre.

Potential School

Open Green Space

Community Centre


Service Station

Medical Centre


Cafe & Fast Food

Recreation Centre

500+ Car Parks

Within this envisioned community hub, you’ll find a variety of amenities carefully selected to enhance our community’s well-being. Imagine a place where you can access a tavern for social gatherings, a convenient supermarket, a service station for your daily needs, a medical centre for healthcare, a range of fast food options, and indoor recreation facilities to keep everyone active and engaged.

This endeavour is truly about building a community space that meets all our needs, right in our own backyard.

Designed for an extraordinary community

A comprehensive planning report underscores the strategic significance of our proposed major neighbourhood centre. This centre is thoughtfully situated at a highly accessible and prominent corner site, strategically located within a rapidly expanding corridor. This development harmoniously aligns with the forecasted population growth in our area, which is projected to surge from just over 10,000 residents in mid-2021 to a flourishing community of over 20,000 by 2031. Our commitment to this vision is driven by the desire to create a thriving, sustainable, and inclusive community that meets the needs of both current and future residents.

An in-depth economic impact assessment underscores the community-centric nature of this planned development. It not only promises to create meaningful local job opportunities, benefiting not just the immediate workforce but also our younger generation seeking to build their futures within our close-knit community. Furthermore, this development is poised to play a pivotal role in reducing the necessity for our residents to embark on lengthy commutes, ensuring that essential community services are easily within reach, and fostering a stronger sense of togetherness among our neighbours.